Sneak PeeK: Mistaken Identity

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  • Sneak PeeK: Mistaken Identity

    Sneak PeeK: Mistaken Identity

    As you know, this is the first book in the series currently being shopped to publishers by my literary agent. I was thrilled when she called to let me know that she wanted to represent my book. Of course, I was also over the moon when she shared that this first book in my SAT […]

  • The Books That Started It All

    The Books That Started It All

    You know those books you remember fondly. The ones that you may read repeatedly, or that you remember from your youth. The books which inspired you to become a reader, a writer, a librarian, a publisher, an agent, or an author? Yeah, those. We all have them.  For me, several books inspired me to become…

  • Plotter or Pantser? What About Quilter?

    Plotter or Pantser? What About Quilter?

    Authors love to chat about whether they’re a plotter or pantser. It’s an enlightening topic that pulls back the curtain to see how novels make the journey from idea to bookshelf.  Do you start your book by plotting out the scenes? Once you have a solid outline from opening image, through the various acts and…

  • The Allure of a Great Book Cover

    The Allure of a Great Book Cover

    It blows my mind each time I look at my bookshelf or e-reader library, how diverse my taste in books is. From business books, to historical, and non-fiction, to contemporary, I have a wide range of interests and what books delight me time and time again. Honestly, it’s pretty funny and always evokes a comment…

  • Confessions of a Serial Writer

    Confessions of a Serial Writer

    No, I don’t write comedies or soap operas. I write series. While the tag “serial” may have hooked you here, let me be frank, I loooooooooove to prolong a good storyline (and word, evidently). As a reader I enjoy a series of books whether it be three or twelve (thank you, John Jakes). Why? Well, once…

  • I Did It My Way!

    I Did It My Way!

    Cue up the popular song by Frank Sinatra and you’ll know what I’m talking about. All kidding aside, I broke the rules and did it my way. Really, I did. When I was first published as an author, it was in an entirely different genre. Cool and exciting. I learned a lot since then and…

  • Girls (and Everyone) Just Want to Have Fun. 

    Girls (and Everyone) Just Want to Have Fun. 

     Hey, don’t we all just want to have a little fun now and again? Don’t we deserve it?  My point? Reading is one of the greatest luxuries in life and yet, it truly does provide a path to fun. But sometimes the respite of reading brings a little guilt. You’re trading time with family, friends,…

  • To Blog or Not To Blog

    To Blog or Not To Blog

    Recently, I read a blog about why authors shouldn’t blog. Huh? The creator, also an author who blogs, made some valid points; albeit in their blog which breaks their rule of not blogging. But I digress. Alongside how blogging takes away valuable time from writing books and can habituate poor writing, they made a very…

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