No, I don’t write comedies or soap operas. I write series. While the tag “serial” may have hooked you here, let me be frank, I loooooooooove to prolong a good storyline (and word, evidently).

As a reader I enjoy a series of books whether it be three or twelve (thank you, John Jakes). Why? Well, once you get hooked on a character, plot, or distinctive style, you want more. I could list over a dozen authors I watch for new releases in their series. Memory Man by David Baldacci, Cross Her Heart by Melinda Leigh, Savannah Quartet by Eugenia Price, Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Noble Man by William Miller are a few of my favorites. 

I’m also a serial writer.

For each book I write, I wake up with an inspiration for a series. I want to give my readers more of what they like. I love to finish threading the storyline out so readers can keep having fun with the ongoing plots that spin off from the initial book.

But I also do this for myself. I need to continue my character’s story, give supporting ones a chance to take the lead, and spend time crafting a well-rounded experience and storyline where I, and my reader, may linger a little longer. 

A few years ago, I conducted a poll for readers and writers. Not only was I curious to see what they wanted more of, but I also wanted to ensure I was meeting needs. No surprise, “more serial stories” ranked number one. I love it. Me and you, my reader, share a passion for spending time in a world of characters that we get to know intimately and won’t be forced to say goodbye to on the last page.

So as a series reader and writer I get the bug easily. I want to create a character and build a world where I can stay for a little longer than a weekend afternoon. How about you? Are you a series fan? I’d love to hear from you, dear reader.

Please take a moment to share what series you love and what you would love to see in a series. 

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