Long before the movie starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig hit the big screen, I created two books. One with cowboys, that I wrote in its entirety, and the other with aliens which I’d outlined. Little did I know someone would have the same fascination with polar genres, but they’d be clever enough to blend the two together.

I tip my Stetson. 

In my case these are two distinctive themes in my books. Normally, I write contemporary romantic suspense, but with these books, I stretched my wings. However, I didn’t stray far from what I love writing. In fact, both my cowboys and aliens books are heavy with suspense, especially my WIP—I’m close to finalizing my first draft. 

Recently, a best-selling romance author told me about a story she’s planning to write that’s been on her heart for over fifteen years. In fact, she’s planned a trip overseas to where she plans to set the novel so she can submerge herself in the setting, conduct research, and divine inspiration. The book will be vastly different from what she normally writes, but she’s excited to tell the tale. Still, she’s sticking to her genre—romance.

As a new fiction author, I’ve heard this ominous warning to stay in my lane. Other “newbies” have also shared their experiences around this sage advice. I get it, but I also can’t hold back the dam. And why should I? I’ve noticed a lot of writers and authors stretch themselves into something that they’ve always wanted to try or needed to get off their chest. In other words, there’s this story rolling around inside that simply must be shared. That’s exciting. And that’s my point. 

If one morning you wake up and it’s cowboys… Giddy-up! If the next day it’s aliens… that’s out of this world! Whatever you choose to write, let your story be told. 

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