How many times have you submitted such a request?

Probably more often than you’d like. If you’re like me, you probably have subscribed to a few newsletters you look forward to and fully read. And the others? Sometimes you get picked up as part of a “stop by” on a website, signed up for a freebie, or maybe you wanted the feed but after time, the newsletter didn’t serve your needs. It happens. 

Just about every business owner and author wants you to sign up for their newsletter. And yup, I do too. But we all know how tiresome an overflowing inbox can be. So, why am I blogging about a newsletter (that hasn’t been sent yet and seems as if I’m warning you not to subscribe to)? It almost sounds like the precursor to something big. Hey, maybe. But the honest truth is that I don’t want to send you something you don’t need. And I don’t want to end up in your junk box either. 

I want to know what you want.

I want to hear what would make you open a newsletter and read from beginning to end. Interesting content, fresh ideas, and brevity are probably top of your list. Additionally, I’d like to toss out a few ideas I have in mind in hopes, Dear Reader, that you’ll give me feedback on what you’d like to see. I’ll keep it brief. Just like my newsletter☺

Along with your opening, reading, and interacting with my newsletter, I will humbly ask that you share below what else you’d love to see in a newsletter (and what would make you pull your hair out). So, roll up your shirtsleeves, dig in, and let me have it. 

What do you want to see?

What do you want to know?

What do you want to read?

I promise to produce, and deliver, the best newsletter I possibly can.

Honored you’re here – Kimberly 

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