It’s funny how many times I catch myself going down a rabbit hole. Imagination is a wily beast. 

The other day I heard an intriguing story about a property site inspection where an abandoned suitcase was found. Because of the nature of the business and the timing of this incident, the authorities were called in to inspect it before it was declared “non-threatening.” While the discovery was strangely unsettling, thankfully, the suitcase turned out to be empty and just a random anomaly. But the buildup and details and the retelling of the facts in play made for a great retelling and ultimately incredibly humorous story. 

But of course, my imagination went into overdrive. I considered all the scenarios that may have brought that suitcase to its resting spot. Then it blossomed to include all the potentially ridiculous, or horrific, things that could have been found inside. You see, this imagination overdrive is both a blessing and a curse. 

As I think back to all the times in my life this imagination has brought laughter and joy to friends and family, I can’t dismiss the times it’s gotten me into trouble, especially in the classroom. But again, it’s come in handy during creative writing exercises. As a way of evoking memories and motivation, I’ve kept one such ridiculously silly story that I wrote in a creative writing course that I took in college. I got an “A” on the paper and a lovely note from my professor encouraging my continued pursuit in the creative arts. While I chose another career path (uh, perhaps a mistake) I kept this memento because I couldn’t let the idea go that somehow this crazy imagination might serve a purpose in time.

Well, I guess I’ve finally found a productive outlet—writing books. Though it certainly took me long enough to figure out how to properly channel it. So, to answer the question, “Where do ideas come from?” If you’re like me, from all around. From the stories shared, to the things you stumble upon, to the crazy incidences, and the curious objects around you that boggle your mind, to the lemons you encounter along the way; these people, places, and things are a gift to inspire the imagination. I always say, everyone’s got a story inside of them just waiting to come out. 

What will inspire you to write one? 

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