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Author of romantic suspense books with humor, heat, and heart.đź’•

Represented by Bonnie Swanson, Literary Agent with The Purcell Agency, LLC

Mistaken Identity: Book One in the SAT Security & Investigation Series: Gabriella Sullivan’s quiet, simple, and orderly life turns upside down the minute she’s served her divorce papers. As her sanity crumbles, her friends surprise her with the perfect cure—a head-to-toe makeover, a night on the town, and a week of rest and relaxation on a single’s cruise. What Gabby didn’t count on was her ex, Jack Sullivan’s dirty little secrets coming back to haunt her…Read More

Introducing SAT Security & Investigation Series. After Gabby and Ryan return from their adventures in Mistaken Identity, they embark on a new one—building a business in their new hometown of Houston, Texas. SAT Security & Investigation (The group jokingly refers to as the Seasoned Agents Team) fulfills Gabby’s dream of becoming a private investigator and gives Ryan a reason to hang up his CIA cleats. Together they build a team of old friends and new talent in their quest to create a competitive executive protection and covert investigations business for high-end corporate clientele.

Broken Trust: Book Two in the SAT Security & Investigation Series: Scarred by a bad relationship, Sophie Kelly Garza’s given up on men. Instead, she drowns herself in work as Director of Communications at her family’s business, Quatro Enterprises. Intent on impressing her eldest brother, Javier, she brings her toughest negotiation prowess to the upcoming contract meeting with her nemeses, Charles Devon…Read More

Guarded Heart: Book Three in the SAT Security & Investigation Series: Summer Twila Skylar, or Sky, has dedicated her life to proving she’s more than the pretty, youthful, and fragile girly girl people mistake her for. After soaring through advanced weapons training, and serving two tours with the U.S. Army, Sky channels her honed skillset into a career in the executive protection industry. But her dream career with SAT Security & Investigations is put to the test when she comes face-to-face with her new boss and worst nightmare, her former captain, Steve Anderson…Read More

Next in the series…. Rushed Opportunity

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