No Ordinary Life

August 20, 2019

What would you do if social media catapulted your child to fame overnight? Probably everything you could to protect their welfare as stardom sets in. That’s exactly what struggling mom of three Faye Martin sets out to do in this novel by Suzanne Redfearn. Faye is trying her best to make ends meet and be […]

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Life As A Barnacle

August 13, 2019

What would make you happy? This is the question that little barnacle Abraham ponders as he floats out and looks for a place to stick. As he meets other barnacles in oyster colonies, on piers, and along the bottom of a boat he is tempted to stay but decides to continue on his journey towards […]

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The Ghost and The Goth

August 5, 2019

Do opposites really attract? Take the ageless example of polar opposites coming together—the most popular girl in high school and the loner boy in this young adult novel by Stacey Kade. Oh, right. Did I mention that one of these teens just happens to be dead and the other a reluctant medium? Talk about chemistry.  […]

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August Skies

July 28, 2019

Even if you’re a full time working professional, there is something about fall that feels like new beginnings. I liken it to the quote from “You’ve Got Mail” where the reference to a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” celebrates the anticipation of setting off to school and onto other novel adventures. In this picture book […]

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July 21, 2019

A friend once told me that re-reading a book is like walking backwards. I wholeheartedly disagree. I own way too many books not to re-read them and one of the very reasons these books have been purchased is because I enjoyed them tremendously and look forward to re-reading them. Recently, I picked a motivational book […]

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The Silent Sister

July 16, 2019

Upon the passing of her father, Riley MacPherson is tasked with clearing out her parents’ home and the RV park that she’s inherited. But upon her arrival in New Bern, North Carolina, she encounters several friends of her parents who are intent on opening old wounds and stirring doubt in her mind that her family’s […]

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