Finding Audrey

November 1, 2018

Any parent or child will find it warming to see how the family depicted in Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, a strong bond despite the turbulent challenges readily found in today’s world, including bullying. Meet Audrey and her family, fraught with struggles but grounded in love. While Audrey is a typical teenager, her life’s been suddenly […]

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The Castaways by Iain Lawrence

May 10, 2018

When Tom Tin takes hold of the Jolly Stone, a sought after diamond, his life drastically changes. He’s placed on a convict ship and sentenced to life an island in the South Seas. When Tom and four fellow castaways escape from the cannibal infested islands on a broken down boat their provisions and fuel run […]

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Life Lessons Found In Books

January 12, 2017

Sometimes our “ah-ha” moments come from books. Even fiction helps us find our truths and learn which path to take. Journaling is also a wonderful way to gain insight. Even writing your own story uncovers personal insight while sharing your story, pains and triumphs. It may also help you share your valuable life lessons with […]

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Writing When You Don’t Want To Write

October 23, 2016

I laugh when I think about my history with schoolwork. Though I was a decent student, I was never keen on homework. Instead, I would write all sorts of fictional stories and journal entries (still have many of them). Literally, I would avoid homework to write. Things haven’t changed much. Now I avoid work to […]

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Not Another Schooling-Filled Blog

October 11, 2016

Listen, I like to have fun and laugh and enjoy my free time creatively. The last thing I want to do is get schooled by a blog. Unfortunately, in my workday, I’m asked to read and write all kinds of educational pieces. So yes, that’s me out there schooling all over the place. So forgive […]

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What’s Fun For You? Reading, Of Course!

October 10, 2016

Parents love good children’s books just as much as young people like adult reads. How do you categorize a book’s age appropriateness? Sometimes what’s fun for you is the best way to decide—ah-hem as long as the maturity level is taken into account. So you have the afternoon free. It’s raining. No school. No work. […]

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