The Silent Sister

July 16, 2019

Upon the passing of her father, Riley MacPherson is tasked with clearing out her parents’ home and the RV park that she’s inherited. But upon her arrival in New Bern, North Carolina, she encounters several friends of her parents who are intent on opening old wounds and stirring doubt in her mind that her family’s […]

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The Elite: A Selection Novel

July 9, 2019

America Singer has made it to the Elite group—the finalists in the pursuit of the hand of Prince Maxon. As she is ensconced into the palace and the royal lifestyle, America faces head on what life might be like to be queen, including competition and bitterness from her rivals and the ever present threat of […]

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Memory Man: The Amos Decker Series

July 2, 2019

Six foot five, grisly beard, unkempt grating hair, overweight and sometimes homeless, forty-two-year old Amos Decker is not your typical Private Investigator. The brutal slaying of his family three years ago caused him to walk away from his job as a police detective and took away his will to live any semblance of a normal […]

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The Fill-In Boyfriend

June 25, 2019

Popular student council president, Gia Montgomery has her life plan laid out perfectly—graduating with stellar grades, an envious social status, her college future secured at UCLA while rooming with her best friend, Claire. But prom night changes everything. Excited to show off her college boyfriend and put rumors of his existence to rest, Gia is […]

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How Do I Pick The Books I Love?

June 18, 2019

My book reviews are not random. In fact, I get to choose from books sent to me by publishers, literary agents, librarians and booksellers and of course a few fellow authors who I’ve been fortunate to get to know. Additionally, I always select a few appealing ones off the bookshelves of bookstores I visit around […]

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Little Penguin Gets The Hiccups

June 11, 2019

This is a circuitous tale of a penguin desperately trying to rid himself of hiccups he got from eating spicy foods. Terribly bothered by them, he enlists his friends to help. He doesn’t have success until his friend the whale plays a trick on him that thwarts his hiccups for good; or at least until […]

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