Every November, I’m editing a book. I’m usually under a deadline so working on this endeavor is a priority. Ironically, it’s NANOWRIMO month and a great time to “write a book in a month” alongside a community of supportive people embarking on the same endeavor. 

Truth be told, that’s how I started and finished many of my books. They began as an idea shared with my critique groups, then thanks to their brilliant accountability I went into full on writing month cram during NANOWRIMO. Voila! I had a novel in my hands. Actually, I ended up with about 15 full length novels doing it this way. 

But over the years, I had to edit a lot…and I mean a lot, along with my continued writing projects. Now it seems that’s all that I’m doing. So, I’ve added the EDITO to NANOWRIMO and have made November my full-on editing month. 

How about you?

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