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How Do I Pick The Books I Love?

My book reviews are not random. In fact, I get to choose from books sent to me by publishers, literary agents, librarians and booksellers and of course a few fellow authors who I’ve been fortunate to get to know. Additionally, I always select a few appealing ones off the bookshelves of bookstores I visit around […]

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Great Resources for Writers

I love finding new resources to support my work as a writer. While sites that inspire are certainly subjective and there are many resources out there that are too numerous to quantify in this blog, here are some of my favorites: Writer’s Digest. The online and physical digest contains market updates, competitions and articles from […]

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A Visit With James Patterson

I wish I were writing to tell you about my recent sit down with the New York Times Bestseller, but unfortunately I’m not. I don’t get the chance to rub elbows with celebrities that much. Still, I am going to share a story about him that has stuck with me until this very day. Fifteen […]

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Support One Another

As writers, authors, readers and members of the literary world, we know the importance of supporting one another. While we don’t always do so—we are human after all—it is something that those in the realm of books do more often than not (at least that’s what I’ve experienced). To give you a snapshot: Recently, I […]

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Southern Book Affairs

I miss living in the South. As a writer and reader, and yes, human being, one of the things I loved most is the hospitality that seems to be a life code for those who were born there or had migrated and stayed. Now don’t get me wrong, hospitality exists everywhere, but there is just […]

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Word Jumbles

It sounds like a game but it’s not. Or could it be? Actually, it’s the phrase I use to describe something I experience on a routine basis. Every day I get word jumbles, meaning inner chatter that translates into musings—hence this category. Basically, it’s the beginnings of stories to tell. They spill out in various […]

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Life Lessons Found In Books

Sometimes our “ah-ha” moments come from books. Even fiction helps us find our truths and learn which path to take. Journaling is also a wonderful way to gain insight. Even writing your own story uncovers personal insight while sharing your story, pains and triumphs. It may also help you share your valuable life lessons with […]

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