As you know, this is the first book in the series currently being shopped to publishers by my literary agent. I was thrilled when she called to let me know that she wanted to represent my book. Of course, I was also over the moon when she shared that this first book in my SAT Security & Investigation series, Mistaken Identity, “Brought a smile to her face and made her heart happy.” Wow, could I ask for better praise? That’s my goal with this light, fun, romantic suspense series. 

But there’s also a little bit of heat, heart, and humor. 

The series opens with a meet cute that’s, well, not really cute. The protagonists crash into one another and it’s a bit of a mess. But ironically, our hero—Ryan Clark Lamont, is hot on the heels of our heroine’s—Gabriella Sullivan—ex-husband. Spoiler alert…Gabby’s husband is a bad dude and CIA Operative Ryan is tasked with getting the proof to put him behind bars.

Like any good romantic suspense, sparks soon fly.

When Gabby sets off with her friends on a Caribbean adventure, she accidentally takes along incriminating evidence. Ryan decides to break protocol and follow her, under the guise of retrieving the evidence, and ahem, “locating her missing ex-husband.”

This is where things heat up and secondary characters really come into play. Gabby has some stellar friends with their own storylines, and this bunch of “wild librarians” soon welcome more characters into their circle. It makes for a fast-paced, humorous ride, that is just the beginning of life-long friendships and, you guessed it, love.

Moving forward in the SAT Security & Investigation series, the suspense level heats up with an ongoing cast of smart, snarky, sexy, sassy, and seriously stellar protagonists.

Still, it’s a clean read with a dash of spice. Despite the never-ending hero and heroine arcs, the books never stray from the humor, heat, and heart of the SAT Security & Investigation series. 

I love a good page turning series where I get to see secondary characters step into their own story. This series is designed to keep you, the romantic suspense reader, up all night with a smile on your face (wink)!

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