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Mistaken Identity: Book One in the SAT Security & Investigation Series

Gabriella Sullivan’s quiet, simple, and orderly life turns upside down the minute she’s served her divorce papers. As her sanity crumbles, her friends surprise her with the perfect cure—a head-to-toe makeover, a night on the town, and a week of rest and relaxation on a single’s cruise. What Gabby didn’t count on was her ex, Jack Sullivan’s dirty little secrets coming back to haunt her.

Ryan “Clark” Lamont is bent on salvaging his tarnished reputation with his employer, the CIA. With a history of being sidetracked by beautiful women and an unwillingness to do things by the book, he’s been demoted to a crack case, the unglamorous assignment of apprehending illegal funds broker, Jack Sullivan.

When Gabby’s and Ryan’s paths collide, literally, their worlds are turned upside down as they embark on a journey where dark secrets are unearthed, identities mistaken, and friendships challenged. But with a little luck on their side, Gabby and Ryan might find a way to stay together—and alive.

Introducing SAT Security & Investigation Series. After Gabby and Ryan return from their adventures in Mistaken Identity, they embark on a new one—building a business in their new hometown of Houston, Texas. SAT Security & Investigation (The group jokingly refers to as the Seasoned Agents Team) fulfills Gabby’s dream of becoming a private investigator and gives Ryan a reason to hang up his CIA cleats. Together they build a team of old friends and new talent in their quest to create a competitive executive protection and covert investigations business for high-end corporate clientele.

Broken Trust: Book Two in the SAT Security & Investigation Series

Scarred by a bad relationship, Sophie Kelly Garza’s given up on men. Instead, she drowns herself in work as Director of Communications at her family’s business, Quatro Enterprises. Intent on impressing her eldest brother, Javier, she brings her toughest negotiation prowess to the upcoming contract meeting with her nemeses, Charles Devon. 

Charles Devon, or “Chief,” promises his business partner, Ryan Clark Lamont, he’ll step up his efforts and help salvage their fledgling consultancy, SAT Security & Investigation in Houston, Texas. But to land their target client, Quatro Enterprises, Chief needs to confront and persuade his biggest headache, the elusive Ms. Garza. 

As they gather to sign the contract, Sophie and Chief meet for the first time, sparks fly, tension escalates, and their ego-fueled hostility shatters negotiations. But when Quatro’s security is breached, and Sophie’s life is threatened, Javier expedites the corporate partnership with one non-negotiable condition. 

Until the threat is past and the culprit is behind bars, Chief must act as Sophie’s round-the-clock bodyguard. Sophie is furious, but for the sake of the business, acquiesces, deciding to leverage the opportunity to help her with a secret pursuit. While Chief carefully navigates this temporary, yet precarious assignment, he must find a way to tolerate Sophie’s perfectionism, condescension, and his growing attraction to the woman who isn’t at all who she seems. 

This Is A Work In Progress.

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Guarded Heart: Book Three in the SAT Security & Investigation Series 

Summer Twila Skylar, or Sky, has dedicated her life to proving she’s more than the pretty, youthful, and fragile girly girl people mistake her for. After soaring through advanced weapons training, and serving two tours with the U.S. Army, Sky channels her honed skillset into a career in the executive protection industry. But her dream career with SAT Security & Investigation is put to the test when she comes face-to-face with her new boss and worst nightmare, her former captain, Steve Anderson. 

With his head no longer in the game, U.S. Army Ranger, Captain Steve Anderson leaves government work for a more lucrative assignment—Director of Security with SAT. His first week on the job, he’s tasked with building a team that includes SAT’s latest contractor. He’s floored when he learns it’s Sky—the woman who physically assaulted him and crushed his heart. Not only does he despise her, but he still wants her. Bad. 

When SAT is contracted for executive protection for a playboy millionaire, Sky and Steve must work side by side, Sky undercover as the client’s girlfriend, and Steve, as the muscle. The proximity, coupled with the emerging threat on their client’s life, requires them putting aside their differences. But their palpable history quickly becomes a career-derailing distraction. As their fiery, volatile past unravels, it threatens one of their futures with SAT. With the stakes raised and their careers on the line, Sky and Steve battle it out as each strive to be the last one standing.

And for those who can’t wait for more…next in the series…Rushed Opportunity: Book Four in the SAT Security & Investigation Series. 

Ashley Bellagosama is excited to leave the hotel industry to build a client relations role at SAT Security & Investigation. Not only does she find herself learning at a lightening pace but thrust in the middle of some pretty tense contract arbitrations. While she excels at managing demanding and unruly clientele, she’s unprepared to square off with SAT’s newest hire, Rushton Sterling, who believes she’s more an adversary than asset to the team’s swift growth.

Rushton Sterling stayed a little too long in his role at CIA, jumping at any chance to get out from behind his director’s desk and back in the field. But when he barely survives a bomb attack, he’s encouraged to retire from field operations altogether. Unwilling to settle for politics and paper-pushing, he explores an opportunity with an old CIA colleague’s firm, SAT Security & Investigation. As he embarks in this new role, his rusting skills, and aging body, are tested to the limits by a sexy, but snarky new hire and a chilling hostage negotiation.