Don’t Delay Writing The Story You’re Meant To Share With The World. 

Every writer anticipates the phone call from a literary agent offering a partnership. Or that call from a publisher sharing the news that they’d like to publish your book. Of course, there’s the rare call from Oprah announcing your book has been selected for her book club. I’m proud to brag that I’ve been lucky to know two writers who’ve achieved the trifecta. What a coupe! 

Perhaps the important call is the one that comes from deep inside inviting you to write the story you were meant to write. Oh, my friends, please don’t ignore it. Don’t let doubt, setbacks, insecurities, or anxiety get in your way. I’ve used work as my own personal ‘excuse’ for way too long. Then one day I woke up to an internal call inviting me to pull out my manuscripts and do something with them. I let my fears stifle my dreams.

Not anymore. 

I’m lucky to have received two of the calls—one, well, actually two, from publishers expressing interest in publishing my book and recently from an incredibly talented literary agent who I’m thrilled to work with! While I can’t wait to see my next story in print, I want to stress the joy I’ve found in the journey of seeing an idea manifest into a book.

When you get the call and wake up with a story running through you knocking on your brain, begging to be freed, don’t ignore it, don’t repress it! Get up, get going, and answer the call!

Now let’s have it. Share your calls to action below. Any trifectas? 

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