We are inspired all the time by actions we take, mistakes we made, things we observe, people we meet, and well, life. These seeds of inspiration are often the impetus of a fascinating story. All authors weave personal experiences into their books, and many write entire tomes around these experiences. 

It’s funny how my interest in suspense, and the protective services industry, was birthed. I can trace it back to two people in my life who made an impact on me at a very early age.

The first is my father. Many people will site a parent as their inspiration for their careers. But here’s where this gets interesting. My dad, while he supported me in so many ways, strongly encouraged me to avoid a “creative career.” He, like so many others, didn’t want me to be scrapping for dough if I didn’t have a fallback plan. For better or worse, I took his advice and majored in business (yawn!). But I’ve got to give it to him, I did all right for myself, including building and running a successful consulting firm for sixteen years. 

Still, here’s my inspiration. My dad and I went to movies all the time. We saw Star Wars when it was first released and many other first runs in exciting venues, like city theaters and iconic cinemas, to add to the allure of the entertainment.

My father is one of the people who nourished the seeds of writing inspiration. Learn more by following me on Instagram @kimberlyc_author

This is where it gets interesting.

My dad took me to see my first James Bond movie when I was eight years old. I hear the collective gasp of many parents. Yes, I also saw Death Wish, In Cold Blood, and Sudden Impact. I honestly don’t know if he ever shared this with my mom. It probably wouldn’t have gone over too well. 

Anyway, after seeing my first James Bond movie, I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough. All I wanted to do was read, and write, suspense stories. My short “fairytale turned spy story” assignment in college won a little award. My professor encouraged me to explore the industry, but no, I stayed the business path. While it took me many years to get serious about the writing craft, I can honestly say my dad planted the seed of suspense inspiration early on. I nourished it over the years by watching, reading, and writing as much as I could. 

For the second person who cultivated my interest in the suspense and protective services industry, read my next blog Author’s Journey to Publishing: Cultivating Inspirational Happenstance.

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