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The Honey Trap: The Bees of Honeyville Book One 

Falsely accused of embezzling, shunned by her colleagues, and locked out of her corporate apartment, Alexandra Donnelly takes her boss’s advice to lay low. With no immediate family to turn to, she flees New York for shelter at her aunt’s home in the sleepy midwestern town of Honeyville, Michigan. 

Once she arrives, Alex finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom. Not only is she reticent to be back in the town her family had long left behind, but she’s forced to confront her past. This includes breaching a chasm with her headstrong Aunt Libby.

Initially turning a blind eye to her plight, Alex sees this mini vacation as a golden opportunity to explore a relationship with Daniel Hazlet, Libby’s neighbor’s son who’s visiting from Chicago. Their attraction is instant. And that only intensifies the adversarial relationship between Daniel and Steve Bastian, a recluse attorney and federal agent with a secret past that’s closely intertwined to Daniel’s. Both men see the severity of Alex’s circumstances and want to help. But Alex’s pride, insecurities, and reticence to trust hold her back. She assures Daniel, Steve, and Aunt Libby that this crazy misunderstanding will soon disappear.

She’s wrong.

Not only does the trouble Alex left behind follow her to Honeyville, but she’s made an enemy with a dangerous predator, the town’s deputy Toby Saunders. As these threats become vividly real, Alex realizes that she’s put herself, and those she cares about, in the line of fire. She also soon discovers that Honeyville’s residents are not as naïve and backward as she’d believed. In fact, this town of misfits and vagabonds are not only keenly aware of Alex’s plight, but many are poised to help. 

Can she open her heart to these unexpected allies? And will she discover that despite first impressions, this town may hold the key to her freedom and her future?

Mistaken Identity

Gabriella Sullivan’s quiet, simple, and orderly life turns upside down the minute she’s served her divorce papers. As her sanity crumbles, her friends surprise her with the perfect cure—a head-to-toe makeover, a night on the town, and a week of rest and relaxation on a single’s cruise. What Gabby didn’t count on was her ex Jack Sullivan’s dirty little secrets coming back to haunt her.

Ryan “Clark” Lamont is bent on salvaging his tarnished reputation with his employer, the CIA. With a history of being sidetracked by beautiful women and an unwillingness to do things by the book, he’s been demoted to a crack case, the unglamorous assignment of apprehending illegal funds broker, Jack Sullivan.

When Gabby’s and Ryan’s paths collide, literally, their worlds are turned upside down as they embark on a journey where dark secrets are unearthed, trusts are broken, and friendships are challenged.  But with a little luck on their side, Gabby and Ryan might just find a way to stay together—and alive.

The Battle of LA book cover

This Is A Work In Progress.

(Mock Book Cover)

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The Battle of L.A. 

Three people are discovered in the middle of a Kentucky cornfield, barely clinging to life. All signs indicate they were victims of foul play. But there’s no sign of a struggle, footprints, or evidence of a perpetrator. The only thing these victims have in common is the sequential numbers on their cold case files from eighty years prior.

Where did they come from?

How did they get there?

How are they still alive?

These questions lead local authorities directly to Chase Stafford’s door. 

Los Angeles Homicide Detective Chase Stafford is a broken and bitter man. After witnessing his partner killed by an IED, he’s never been the same. Survivor’s guilt drove him to the bottle and his alcoholism and grief became the catalyst behind his failed marriage, lost custody of his son, and his unsuccessful bid for the Deputy Chief position. Relegated to Robbery Homicide’s Cold Case Unit, Stafford’s days are filled chasing ghosts and buttoning up futile cases. 

When he gets a call from the Kentucky’s Sherriff’s office informing him they’ve found three missing Los Angeles residents, his life goes from bad to worse. Invited to serve on a government sanctioned national task force to investigate the mysterious reappearance of the cold case victims, he’s reluctant to participate. His son, however, thinks the program is “super cool,” effectively changing Stafford’s mind. But when he arrives in Washington, he realizes that this desperate attempt to win back his son’s affection was a mistake.

The ‘eyes-only’ brief suggests the victims may have been abducted by aliens. Not only are Stafford’s hopes for redemption deflated, but he also believes this hoax is just another way to shine a light on his failings. And when he discovers the assistant lead on the task force is none other than the person who stole the Deputy Chief promotion out from under him, he’s convinced he’s being set up. 

Enter Rachel Jordan Former, L.A. Robbery Homicide division’s rising star and now special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Jordan is not only Stafford’s nemesis but the one that got away. It’s been five years since their relationship ended bitterly. The time and distance have only served to improve her career and, Stafford resignedly admits, her allure. Even though she, along with the other members of the task force, believes this theory is legitimate, Stafford won’t commit. 

But Jordan is on a mission, and she’s convinced Stafford holds the key to their success. He’s not only the best detective she’s ever worked with, but the only person she can trust. Despite the way things ended, she needs his skillset and his dogged determination to cut through the preternatural red tape and solve this seemingly impossible investigation.

As Rachel and Chase contemplate moving beyond their past to work together and solve this illogical crime, the rug is pulled out from under them. The incoming President shuts down the task force, disbands the members and all evidence is destroyed and witness statements redacted. By now, Chase and Rachel are in deep, even questioning their initial doubts. When they try to continue their investigation, their lives are threatened. Not only does this raise the stakes but confirms what they know to be true:

This was not a crime of human origin.

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