Her Destiny

All Elena Martin wanted to do was try her hand at writing a romance novel, until that ever present villain — writer’s block— held her in captivity. But when her characters rebel at being suspended in action, they pull her back in time — to the Wild West – and into her very own partially finished novel where she must remain until she’s penned “a happily ever after” for all parties involved.

This is a story…of a story…in a story about four lost souls from different walks of life, different lands and even different centuries. One woman, Elena Martin, has the power to bring them all together and decide their fate. Will she encourage Dusty Parker and Isabel Douglas overcome their societal expectations for their heart’s desires? Will she seduce Texas Ranger, Grey McBride into exchanging the haunting chains of his past for her gift of love? And will Elena sacrifice everything she knows for the one man who has proven that time will never stand his way to become Her Destiny.  

Her Destiny is a completed manuscript current not under agent contract and available for acquisition

Available for Acquisition

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(Mock Book Cover) 

This Is A Work In Progress.

(Mock Book Cover)

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The Honey Trap: The Bees of Honeyville Book One 

Falsely accused of embezzling, shunned by her colleagues, and locked out of her corporate apartment, Alexandra Donnelly takes her boss’s advice to lay low. With no immediate family to turn to, she flees New York for shelter at her aunt’s home in the sleepy midwestern town of Honeyville, Michigan. 

Once she arrives, Alex finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom. Not only is she reticent to be back in the town her family had long left behind, but she’s forced to confront her past. This includes breaching a chasm with her headstrong Aunt Libby.

Initially turning a blind eye to her plight, Alex sees this mini vacation as a golden opportunity to explore a relationship with Daniel Hazlet, Libby’s neighbor’s son. Daniel senses the severity of Alex’s circumstances and want to help, but Alex’s pride, insecurities, and reticence to trust hold her back. But she soon discovers that Honeyville’s residents are not as naïve and backward as she’d believed. In fact, this town of misfits and vagabonds are not only keenly aware of Alex’s plight, but many are poised to help. 

Can she open her heart to these unexpected allies? And will she discover that despite first impressions, this town may hold the key to her freedom and her future?