What’s Fun For You? Reading, Of Course!

What’s Fun For You? Reading, Of Course!

Parents love good children’s books just as much as young people like adult reads. How do you categorize a book’s age appropriateness? Sometimes what’s fun for you is the best way to decide—ah-hem as long as the maturity level is taken into account.

So you have the afternoon free.

It’s raining.

No school.

No work.

Just home.

What’s fun for you?

What book do you pick up off the shelf, or open in your e-reader and indulge in over and over again?

Fiction or non-fiction. Whatever is fun for you is so much better than all the other crazy things we could whittle away the hours doing. So pick your story, indulge, enjoy, read and read some more and continue to make books your fun escape.


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