She’s Outta This World!

She’s Outta This World!

Favorite Hero: Princess Leah

Any other Star Wars fans out there? What is it about the original Star Wars: A New Hope? Probably, because it sets precedence for all that would follow in the genre of Science Fiction. Princess Leah was both the “girl that got recused” and the “girl who rescued.” Finally, a female protagonist that’s out of this world. I love this movie and quickly read all of the books to follow. I’m not a frenzy fan, but I do like to watch this movie and all it’s prequels and sequels when I can.

While I have other favorite heroes and heroines, she still stands out as one of my favorites. I even went as Princess Leah for Halloween one year. Okay, ridiculous stretch with the outfit, but it was fun.

What about you? Who is your favorite hero or heroine? Do share….


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