How Do I Pick The Books I Love?

How Do I Pick The Books I Love?

My book reviews are not random. In fact, I get to choose from books sent to me by publishers, literary agents, librarians and booksellers and of course a few fellow authors who I’ve been fortunate to get to know. Additionally, I always select a few appealing ones off the bookshelves of bookstores I visit around the country and at conferences that I attend.

But what makes them “Books I Love?” Well, this is an author’s page so I get the privilege to subjectively choose these books. And after 10 years of writing book reviews for School Library Journal et al. I can share more personal thoughts in these reviews.

Also, I made the promise to my blog readers that the books that I review will be positive in tone. This isn’t preachy here—but if the book doesn’t draw me in or leave me, or a potential reader, with a good feeling than it probably won’t make my list.

Rather, the book should inspire laughter, intrigue, joy, entertainment, learning, inspiration, be thought provoking and yes, even create edge-of-your-seat fun. Most books do. I love to read and love to support fellow authors, so this gives me a chance to share my inspirations and ‘personal takes’ and of course, promote the great reads that are being released every single day. 

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