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Word Jumbles

It sounds like a game but it’s not. Or could it be? Actually, it’s the phrase I use to describe something I experience on a routine basis. Every day I get word jumbles, meaning inner chatter that translates into musings—hence this category. Basically, it’s the beginnings of stories to tell. They spill out in various […]

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Life Lessons Found In Books

Sometimes our “ah-ha” moments come from books. Even fiction helps us find our truths and learn which path to take. Journaling is also a wonderful way to gain insight. Even writing your own story uncovers personal insight while sharing your story, pains and triumphs. It may also help you share your valuable life lessons with […]

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Another World

Do you believe there are other worlds out there? Perhaps inhabited by aliens, mystical creatures, angels or anything else beyond our wild imaginations? I do. I can’t quite figure out what they might be or where they might live, but I believe in a lot that isn’t seen by human eyes. I sometimes feel that […]

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A Bouquet of Colored Pencils

What is it about colored pencils that make you feel so creative? I love color. And adding bursts of it throughout my notebooks and journals makes me smile. Anything I can do to add color to my world and writing seems to make things brighter and even happier. Is there someone you know who could […]

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