Hi, I’m Kimberly Charleston, a writer of books and games for children, tweens and young adults. Ever since I’ve been a young girl, I’ve been passionate about books, especially when it comes to finding creative ways to learn from them inside and outside of the classroom.

From my summer jobs in high school to my work in education, my career has been dedicated to promoting the fun of learning: as a camp counselor, a librarian, and as a professional counselor. All my books and games are inspired by the wit, cleverness, creativity and imagination of the child in all of us.

And as one who likes to perpetually dream and ask “what if?” I challenge myself to find new, and sometimes improbable, ways to answer this question. Though I still often act like a child, I find that a more productive use of my time is spent writing for them (and for grown ups too).

I’m grateful that my work has been published all over the world, and translated into several languages. Though I’ve lived throughout the U.S., I now reside in Michigan with my family of dog lovers and many rescued mutts. I also like to collect pictures of interesting dogs along my travels. See my “Bookish Musings” for some great pics!

Author credentials include:

  • Syndicated columnist, magazine editor and contributor, author of over 300 articles for local and national magazines including Forbes, Career Builder, MSN, Chicago Parent and Family Time Magazine;
  • Book reviewer for School Library Journal for 8 years;
  • Active member of the Author’s Guild and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and founding leader of Chicago Northern Suburbs Chapter;
  • Keynote speaker and national presenter at conferences & companies.

*Author resume and clip file available upon request.