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A Desperate Hope

It’s 1908 in New York City and Eloise Drake is putting her math genius to work for the state water board as an accountant. When she is assigned to return to her hometown to assess properties that are to be demolished she soon finds herself at a crossroads. Her intent to maintain a strictly professional […]

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Raise Your Hand

It’s scary to speak up. And when you raise your hand in class and give the wrong answer, it makes you think twice about speaking up again. This is how eleven-year-old Alice Paul Tapper felt when she raised her hand in school. After ruminating on this embarrassing classroom situation she talked with her mom who […]

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Something Old and Something New

If I were truly referring to the English good luck rhyme I would use “Olde” and include something borrowed and something blue. But, I’m not. Rather, I’m referring to the books I’ve been reviewing as of late. I see way too many book reviews on new books, which is great. Sometimes I like getting a […]

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