How to Pick the Best Books

Sorry. There’s no secret formula for book selection. Truth is, we all have our “things” that we look for when we’re picking the best books. Sometimes it’s a suggestion from a friend, other times it’s a review we find online. But for many, it can be a compelling little story by the author that makes us long for more. While all of these are great ways to pick the best books, I’d like to add getting “a good book feel” to that list.

This doesn’t mean actually “feeling” the book per say, but rather getting a good feeling in the pit of your stomach when you read a little bit of the book. If you get butterflies, anticipation, happiness, laughter, eagerness or warmth you probably have picked the best book. But you might also feel something when you look at the cover of the book. If you like it, you’ll pick it up to look a little closer. I pick a lot of books from the “feel” I get from the front cover and I’m very particular about how my book covers look. There is just something about that visual that makes you want to peek inside.

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