Day Off For Love?

When the Dreidles are put away, the Christmas trees taken down and the Mkekas are set aside, there is little to celebrate until spring. Despite the nationally recognized holidays that occur during the first few months of the calendar year, there’s nothing that opens the heart like the month of December.

So, why not break the long stretch of winter with a day off for love? Despite its interesting history and all the commercialistic trappings associated with St. Valentine’s Day, it really is the perfect post-holiday, holiday. Valentine’s Day falls at just the right time for a well deserved break and moreover, it’s one that focuses on family, friendship and love.

We have so many reasons to take a day off for love during a time when much of the world is shrouded in winter. First, we’re all desperate for a little light during the long cool months and hearing a “Happy Valentine’s Day” or opening a festive card can be a bright spot in our otherwise dreary day. Secondly, we need to make it less about the stuff and more about the “us.” Taking a restful day off to be with friends and family without all the pressure of a preparing a big meal or exchanging presents can be just what the doctor ordered during cold and flue season.

Finally, and most importantly, we need a day to remind us that love belongs to everyone. It’s not just something exchanged only between two people but something free to give to us all. If we can spread a little love and cheer when people need it most, we are well on our way to earning a day off for love.

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